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This community facilitates collaboration and communication between mathematical biologists and experimental biologists. Read more about this site here, and check out our preprint:

You can Register here. Consenting members are synced with the database. If you have previously shared your information you may already have an account and simply need to reset your password (via previously consenting to be included in the database, such as during our workshops at PlantBiology2019, PlantBiology2020, or Association for Women in Mathematics 2019).

  • Look for possible collaborators in the public database of scientists
  • Be matched by research interest to find scientists to contact (coming soon)
  • Request a collaboration using our form so we can facilitate the collaboration
  • Post in the forum to ask questions, get feedback, or share things of interest to other members.
  • Are you a modeler, or interested in learning about modeling? Join our peer-mentoring community of modelers, Modeling and Beyond.

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